Butte County California Chinese Immigrants

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Date on Photograph: October 9, 1893.

Name of Photographer: L. H. Cook, Photographer, Chico, CAL.

Age: He was 33 years old, which would make his year of birth 1860.

Time in U. S.: 15 years, so this would indicate he immigrated in 1878 when he was 18 years old.

Resided in Chico: 15 years, so he would be in Chico in 1878 at the same age.

Employment: His employer was Quong Yak Co. Groceries

Names of Witnesses: The people who signed his photograph were A. H. Crew, H. T. Batchelder, John R. Gleeson, J. G. Murphy, F. W. Miller, Moose Bros., Wm. Earll, W. H. Waddaurs and Geo. F. Hawkins.

Documented References: On the electronic 1880 Census, there were eleven “Ah Chungs” shown as residing in the United States, seven of which were living in California. Years of birth for these men were 1828, 1839, 1847, 1852, 1855, 1860 and 1861. The “Ah Chung” that was 19 years old, date of birth 1861, had a place of census in the town of Tehama, Tehama County. The Tehama Ah Chung’s occupation was listed as clerk. He was listed under the John Akers dwelling containing five members of the Akers Family along with 196 Chinese men, 11 Chinese women, and 11 men and 9 women of other nationalities. The name of “Ah Chung” was not listed in the Butte County Tax Assessment Rolls for 1878 through 1896 for the Chico area. In checking the microfilmed 1880 Census for the Chico School District, three other “Ah Chungs” were found. One was 19 years old, which would also make his year of birth 1861, and he was listed as living on Main Street in Dwelling #151. His occupation was that of “works in a box factory.” Eight persons were living in this dwelling. The occupants included two other Chinese men, Sing (32) and Ah Lin (33), who also worked in the box factory, one white engineer, one white hostler and three white laborers. The second Chico “Ah Chung” was 22, which would make his year of birth 1858, living in Dwelling #152, also on Main Street, with an occupation of laborer. Five other Chinese men were listed as living in this dwelling: Gee Jung (27) – laundryman; Ah Long (40) – hand in wash house; Ah Hod (30) – cook; Ah Sha (22) – ironer; and A Lin (40) – wash hand. The third “Ah Chung” was 40, which would make his year of birth 1840; and he was living in Dwelling #425, with an occupation of sexton. The only other person in the dwelling was Qawk Toy (45), who was a cook. No street name was listed for this dwelling.