Butte County California Chinese Immigrants




According to Hsu (2000:29-30, 32) it is difficult to find completely accurate figures for nineteenth-century Chinese in migration or out migration to and from the United States. Many Chinese nationals, both before and after the first exclusion 1882, entered the country less than legally and, therefore, assiduously avoided contact with any federal or state person or agency. Customs records and census schedules, need to be applied tenuously because they tend to undercount Chinese people. Some officials stated they all looked alike, and therefore, were too difficult to count. Chinese people avoided being counted on had but cleverly chose to use the federal, state, and local courts to rectify wrongs, litigate when provoked, and use county agencies like the local recorders office to buy and sell and lease land from white promoters.

Three Chinese citizens were recorded as being in the United States between 1820 and 1830 but this information remains uncorroborated. After 1849, however, the world wide news regarding gold motivated thousands of Chinese immigrants to come to United States entering through San Francisco Customs house, the nearest disembarking point to gold discoveries in mines in the foothills and mountains of the Sierra and the Siskiyous.